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Student Success Counseling

SSC is a gateway to connect students to various on- campus programs. We plan and operate extracurricular programs to support student’s diverse experiences. We also provide a primary counseling service and guide students to related centers for their in-depth secondary counseling.



  • Advise on curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Connect students to related programs and institutions
  • Help students adjust to campus life
  • Support to design a roadmap for the whole academic years

Student Success Center counselling services are available in both Korean (at the Seoul and Suwon campus) and English (at the Seoul campus only).


Counseling Appointment

Challenge Square Connection

Counseling area → SSC → Counseling appointments

SSC Official Website

Online counseling → Schedule appointment

Your appointment may be subject to change due to certain circumstances.
Check your schedule on GLS before your visit.