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Director’s Remarks


Bridging between schools and students
Encouraging student growth to produce future value
Supporting individual students’ development and success

Hello, this is SKKU Student Success Center Chief Bae Sang Hoon.


The first value SKKU pursues through its founding philosophy of “helping others through self-discipline,” is “Student Success.” Student Success can be defined as students, each with their dreams and hopes, growing intellectually and emotionally by engaging in various campus activities and becoming talented individuals who will contribute to the development and prosperity of society. This is the ultimate goal that our university pursues as a higher education institution.


The Student Success Center was founded based on this substantial vision. Let’s find your dreams and career paths together. Come to us whenever you’re feeling exhausted and need consolation. If you need any help with academic, relationship, or economic problems, let’s look for a solution together. The various educational programs held throughout the campus will help serve as a gateway that connects to your career paths, interests, and needs. We will cherish each and every one of you.


We will always be on your side. We will try our utmost best to help all members of the university understand and sympathize with the value of Student Success. However, your voluntary “participation” and “efforts” are important for Student Success. Knock on our doors. The Student Success Center will be with you every step of the way, on the search for your bright and energetic future.


Thank you.


Sunkyunkwan University Student Success Center Chief

Bae Sang Hoon